Dez 08
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«Mr. Obama has assembled a team of intellectual clones. Not only that, it's one that neatly conforms to the same foreign-policy consensus that typified much of President Bush's second term: revival of the Arab-Israeli "peace process"; a diplomatic approach toward Iran; concessions to North Korea (with no serious expectation of genuine reciprocity); abandonment of what was once called the freedom agenda. As for Iraq, whatever differences there might have been are now moot, thanks to the surge and the passage last week of the status-of-forces agreement.»

«This is President Bush's record. But it is not the neocon record that Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton ran against in their presidential campaigns and that supposedly accounts for our current predicaments. On the contrary, it is a product of the very foreign-policy "realism" that Ms. Rice gradually made her own as secretary of state, and that the Obama team now looks set to carry forward, with a few adjustments, into the next term. So much for change we can believe in. So much, too, for the second coming of the Lincoln administration. Say what you will about Mr. Obama's team, it's conformist and conventional.»


Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal.

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